Services Offered

We are a multi-disciplinary, vendor-neutral, passionate engineering team, involving electronics, electrical, mechanical, instrumentation & control, embedded firmware and software skill set with end to end product design, development and deployment expertise.

Design and Development

Embedded System Design which encompasses Architectural Design, Processing Technology Selection – Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, Realtime Controllers, Fixed & Floating point DSP, CPLD, FPGA, Hardware / Software co-divide, OS / RTOS Selection, Analog Front End design, Protocol Development, Firmware development, Schematics, BOM, PCB development, Linux Device Drivers, Sensor Design (Capacitive / Optical / Proximity), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Wireless Systems, Edge Node Processing

Process Automation

Special Purpose Machines, End of Line Testers, Test Jigs and Fixtures, Automation and Control, System Integration with PLC / HMI / Drives / Sensors / Actuators, SCADA, UI with LabVIEW or VEE Pro, Machine Vision, Imaging and Control Systems, Poka-yoke systems, Custom designed sensing and processing hardware / firmware to integrate with COTS, Upgrading existing systems, Feature Enhancement, Preventive and Predictive maintenance with Industrial IoT (IIoT), Industry 4.0, Edge nodes, computing and analytics

Process Consultancy

Multi-disciplinary and end to end consulting for engineering companies on design for manufacturing, converting proto to pilot, pilot to manufacturing, optimizing manufacturing lines, line balancing, lean manufacturing, work effort estimates, time study, value engineering, process audit, review, evaluation and documentation, procurement and logistics review, feasibility study, process capability assessment, enhancements, process adherence index, re-hosting with technological upgrade and process repurposing

Patents & IPR

Ideation to patenting, patent / prior-art search, patent(s) / patentability analysis, patent drafting, innovative capacity assessment, capacity building, inventive landscaping, patent fencing, follow-on innovation, patents tracking, patent pruning, evaluation of patent portfolio, freedom to operate analysis, inventing around support, defensive publishing, technical disclosures, technology landscapes / white papers, industrial design evaluation, technological research, competitive analysis and inventive grooming

Lab Setup

Setting up of Analog (Sensor, Analog Front End (AFE) & Actuators), Power Systems (LDO / Buck / Boost / Buck-Boost), Embedded (Microcontrollers / Microprocessors / ARM / DSP / Multi-Core, CPLD and FPGA), Wireless Connectivity (Sub-1GHz, WiFi, BLE, Zigbee etc.,) & IoT as Working labs, Skilling labs, Centre of Excellence, Innovation Halls, Platform Hubs, Consultation House and Technology Clinic. Additionally COTS units to leverage Instrumentation and Control labs with PLC, HMI, Drives and Controllers could be supported

Training / Internship

Training - C, Embedded C, C++, Sensors, Analog Front Ends, Power, Microcontrollers, Microprocessors, ARM, DSP, Multi-core, Communication Protocols – CAN, LIN, USB, Ethernet, Wireless Communication, Internet of Things (IoT), OS / RTOS, CPLD/FPGA, PCB Design, RTOS, Embedded Linux, Interfacing LabView / VeePro and MATLAB with Embedded or DSP, and industrial control elements PLC / HMI / Drives / Controllers. Mentoring for corporates or engineers / faculties / students

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